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Tips & Ideas

A few words of advice from the experts

1. Photo Designs

There's no better way to get a truly unique t-shirt design. There's just a few things to bear in mind to get the most out of it.
Note: We'll email a fully personalised proof after your order is placed.

  • Facebooth

    Good photos make great Facebooths! When selecting a suitable photo it's important to have good resolution, natural even lighting of the face (no harsh shadowing), and make sure to have all essential body parts in the image (no cropped ears or chin).

  • Photo Mash

    Most photos are suitable for these designs. The best advice is to select photos which have a lot of coverage of the person (see approved example above). We can usually hide a couple of sharp corners from cropped heads (see disapproved example above), just try to keep them to a minimum.

2. Additional Printing

Be creative with your individual personalisation, here's a few ideas to help you out.

  • Names

    There's a few ways to approach this! You've got... Nickname, destination, phrase or simply...'John'.

  • Numbers

    Here's your chance to give everyone a unique/silly number or use the year ie. '17'.

  • Big Letters

    Look at the bigger picture! Instead of having just numbers, use letters to create an impact and spell out something relevant (or totally ridiculous).

  • Destination & Year

    This is another brilliant use of your name and number option, keeps everyone united (front and back), creates a huge impact and makes for a great keepsake!

3. Change colour for Hen / Stag